Create your calendar

Calendars are hosted on our servers. No technical skills are required to create and manage a calendar.

To create a calendar for your region:

1. Think up your project

What types of events do you want to publish? Political events? Cultural events? On what criteria? How are you going to organize your collective? How are you going to deal with the workload? It can be significant. How are you going to network with other activists in your region?

You can choose a sub-domain of ( or you can choose your own domain ( If you use your own domain, you will need to purchase it (for example at

2. Send us your project

Send us a short description of your project. A few sentences are enough. We specially need to understand the political position of your calendar. Your project will be sent to all existing collectives / calendars.

If no collective objects, we will create your calendar.

3. Setup and technical stuff

Once your calendar is created, we will show you how to use it and help you customize it to your needs.

You don't need any technical skills. We train each new collective and provide technical support when needed.

Naturally, once your calendar is up and running, you will be completely independent and free to manage your content as you wish. We only intervene on your site for technical support.

You get complete access to your files and your data.

4. Cost

It's free.

We have no sponsors, grants, or any other form of income. Technical work is done by volunteers.
If you want, you can help us cover server hosting costs by donating a few euros per month.
Collectives are encouraged to participate to the general workload according to their skills, whether technical or not