Demosphere is Free, Open Source software (AGPL V3)

However, we don't have the time and resources to make the Demosphere code easy to install, configure and maintain. For now, it is best to consider this software only as a hosted solution. Please contact us if you are an experienced developper and are ready to invest considerable time and long term effort into creating and maintaining a public version of this software.

If your political goals are compatible with ours, we can host your site on our server (more information here).  

As of Demosphere-2, installation is done on the commandline (undocumented).


 Demosphere checks these requirements during install.

  • Unix/Linux  (windows servers are not supported).
  • php >= 5.4
  • php extensions: imap,tidy,xsl,curl, gd
  • apache config: enable rewrite urls (and other rewrite rules. FIXME: undocumented).
  • xpdf-utils (or poppler-utils), image-magick
  • sphinxsearch (setup rt index. FIXME: undocumented)